the 2ND AMENDMENT right to bear arms



When my ancestors, Daniel Boone, Thomas Jefferson and Martha Washington and our first president were helping to make this nation great they made sure to include the 2nd amendment which grants us the constitutional right to bear arms. 

It's constitutional right that my many of my ancestors fought and died for I for one do not want to give that up. Do you?  If you agree with me  please cast your vote on November 06, 2018, for Cherlyn Arrington in the General Election 



What exactly is a gun free zone? Is it a place that is unprotected from those wishing to do as much harm as possible knowing that there is no one there to hurt them? 

That doesn't seem fair does it?

Schools, Airports, Malls, Churches, our own Nevada Federal Building, and Concerts these should all be safe places but they are not always. 

We need to feel protected. A Gun Free Zone is simply a huge target that says we are not protected come on in.

 Is that what we really want?


 What are the laws between states that border us. Do we let someone who hasn't had a background check into the state of Nevada carrying a gun, unless he has a special permit to prove he is mentally ok to handle the weapon? Where does Nevada need to draw the line? Is this a Federal or state decision? We need to elect a Republican that has owned a gun and been trained how to use it. Let me be your voice. cast your vote for Cherlyn Arrington on November 6, 2018 in the General Election.