Serving The Community

As a young girl  growing up Cherlyn Arrington's, grandmother, Holly Greener-White, was a huge part of her life and taught her, the importance of serving the community In a world of turmoil and uncertainty, it is important to make our families the center of our lives and the top of our priorities. 

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Committed to making Nevada strong again for my family and yours

Cherlyn Arrington is committed to making Nevada strong again for her family and yours.  She has been a  Southern Nevadan, since 1993,   Cherlyn's  wants to see our schools succeed. ESA's Funded, Our Schools Safer, No Gun Free Zones, Teachers given a voice in how they teach, Better Pay, Well Rounded  Education, Senior Rights, Tougher Laws on those that Abuse & Neglect them. Taking care of our Veterans & their families, Healthcare,  Better Mental Health Laws. Lowering Taxes, Creating Jobs,  Yucca Mountain let's benefit from it by making it the Leading Research & Development, Institute here. Empowering small businesses to grow & prosper

2nd Amendment Advocate

My roots are firmly planted here in Nevada as is my family. 

Get Involved

Cherlyn Arrington believes that we all need to step up and help to elect strong leaders that will fight for us and not just deliver empty promises to win our votes. Those that are given our vote need to stand by what they promise during their campaigns. Cherlyn Arrington wants to help you have that voice  in the Assembly to be a Strong Unified Nevada.

 Get Involved help CHERLYN ARRINGTON win on November 6th the seat for Nevada State Assembly District 21,  Help her to pass out flyers, invite her into your homes, your schools, and your meetups.  Walk precincts with her, talk to others about her. Donate if you can, Cherlyn Arrington says "Together we can be Nevada Strong once again".

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Community & Giving Back

Cherlyn Arrington continues to give back by being a Cub Scout Den Leader, Senior Volunteer, Charity Fundraising Organizer and Volunteer for Cure 4 the Kids (to help raise money for them to ride the Santa Train in November), 

These are a few of the past clubs and events that Cherlyn Arrington has been involved with. 

Organized and assisted with Green Valley Rotary ' The Fantasy Auction" 

( Helped raise money for two medical vans for southern Nevada) 

Outreach/Homeless Volunteer through

District Attorney's office Family Support Division 

Election Department Lead Volunteer

Street Teen Volunteer

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Volunteer 

Lessons from Holly G White, the woman who raised me


My grandmother, Holly G White was always there for me while I was growing up. She gave me guidance and showed me that I can accomplish anything in life as long as I had a good foundation. Grandma taught me the importance of having a good family home unlike the one I grew up in. My life to the outside world was very different than the one behind closed doors. She always said " It doesn't matter how you got here it is how you leave that truly matters". Grandma taught me that an evening meeting once a week to talk about family problems and successes, or to plan family activities was extremely important to keeping the family connected and engaged with one another. She taught me how to be a good role model for my kids.

I carry on those same lesson today with my own family. Grandma taught me that what we do and say as parents has a direct impact on our children and community. We gather together every night to say prayers, and yes if not in person by the phone and tell each other what we are grateful for and ask God to continue to watch over our family, friends and community and to keep everyone safe.

Grandma would always tell me having faith in someone greater than yourself and giving back to your community was essential to becoming a strong individual that is grounded in their faith and whose family is not just related by blood.

Community is making yourself available to others and having faith that you are being guided in the right direction. When you reach out your community is your family and you are making it a safer and a better place to live.

Cherlyn's Background & Family


A South Lake Tahoe High School 1982 graduate,  Cherlyn Arrington graduated from Lake Tahoe Community College with an AA in Criminal Justice in addition to P.O.S.T Certification, . Arrington is a UNLV Alumni with a BA in Criminal Justice and a minor concentration in Education. 

Chelyn Arrington, has been a successful business owner,  a long term Clark County Substitute Teacher, a Certified Paralegal working at some of the major law firms here in town and worked at Bechtel Nevada.

 Cherlyn Arrington worked at the Clark County District Attorney's office for over 12 yrs (Family Support Case Manager, Victim Witness Clerk, Sexual Assault Team Clerk). Until her accident at the office and then medically retired which is why you will see Cherlyn Arrington, having to walk with a cane sometimes.

Cherlyn Arrington, is a mom with three kids, Brieana Shipman, 30 yrs old, who graduated here in Southern Nevada from the Nevada State High School/College program and a mom herself, raising Cherlyn's grandson Giovanny who is 8 yrs old and attending public school. 

Arrington still has two children at home,  Isabella Arrington 14 yr old is a freshman at CASLV and  was recently crown Miss Junior Nevada Earth and has her own small dog walking business. Cherlyn's son Brandon Arrington 9 yrs old ,who learns a little differently than other kids also attends CASLV. 

Cherlyn Arrington is the proud granddaughter, of  the late Col. Glenn Leo Greener, a career Military Veteran, who served under General Patton and an equally proud granddaughter of the late (2010) Holly G White a former resident of Nevada.