taxes, business & jobs


I am sorry.

 Did you just tell me to vote to raise taxes? 

I would like to introduce myself .

My name is


I am a conservative who signed the TAX Pledge when I ran for office n 2010. Nothing has changed. Except maybe now I want an accounting of how our money has been spent before anyone thinks about raising taxes.


No, Thank You!  I won't be signing to raise taxes in fact can we see about lowering them?


Nevadan's Need Jobs

 Nevadans need jobs that will support our families without having to work two and three other jobs just to pay bills.  

Let's bring business back into Nevada and keep the ones that we already have through incentives, research and development. 

Everyone says bring in the big business but we need to be wanted first. 

Lets make the world want us!  

Education, Taxes, Safety, all equal companies wanting us. 

We have tourism and gambling down to perfection. What about the rest of the package?


Government tells us It's just Business we need to raise taxes. The people will understand. I don't think that is good enough anymore do you?

We don't need anymore taxes put into another Rainy Day Fund at the expense of Nevadans.

 Lets start reallocating the money we already have. Just like a business does when they are starting to feel the crunch. 

I have done that for many businesses even here in Nevada. I have collected hundreds of thousands of dollars and reallocated funds and cut out the waste. 

I have made other peoples businesses profitable again. 

Why not let me help our State of Nevada?