As Nevada parents and grandparents we need and should expect a strong education system we can be proud of. We all thought that by voting YES on Question 2 (The Legalization of Recreational Marijuana) that our ESA vouchers and our education funding were a done deal.  The extra 10% in sales tax that was tacked on to all recreational Marijuana purchases would go to our schools to make them better and more competitive with the rest of the nation. In 2016 our ranking was 49th. When the ESA bill was not fully funded a large portion of the money was used for other things we did not ask for. The rest of money went into Nevada's Rainy day fund. Last time I checked it does not rain that much here to require a huge Rainy Day Fund. Shouldn't Nevadan's have a say on where that money went? 

If not our children's education then where did the money go?

Parents how many of you out there were counting on ESA funds? Teachers how many of you out there were counting on Education being funded completely this time? These are Our Tax dollars! How many parents wanted to have a choice? How many of you voted on Question 2 (The Recreational Marijuana Bill) to help our schools? How many don't want it in NEVADA'S RAINY DAY FUND? What has the Clark County School Board done to make sure good teachers are retained, honored, and respected. Or have they made It harder and harder on our teachers to do their jobs?  Isn't it time we hold the school board accountable and stop forcing our teachers to push the limits on classroom size? Teachers isn't it time you had a voice in the Legislature that is not afraid to do the right thing?

There were 10,000 applications waiting to be funded so our children and grandchildren could have a CHOICE as to which school was best for them. We need options apart from a school we are zoned for or one with a low ranking or bad reviews. When I ran for this same seat in 2010 we were at the same place we are now. Clark County, Nevada is one of the lowest performing school districts.

 I want that to change don't you?

I was frustrated just like you. I knew Private School tuition was too far out of reach on my budget. Do I try for a zone variance? Do I go back to Homeschooling all my kids, find a Public Charter School or do I take my chances on our Public Schools? I spent many sleepless nights researching the different avenues and praying for guidance that whatever the choice I made my kids were going to be ok and receive the best education. I received a great education when I was growing up why shouldn't they?

Nevada should stop giving 50% of the grade to students just to pass them on to the next grade. We need to do away with SBAC & Map Testing to truly see where we are at and let us grow. We have some really great teachers let them teach.  Reallocate the existing funds to the programs that work not the ones that are already failing. Do not hold the rest of the class back just because a child doesn't understand the language. Offer those that need ESL classes a class later. In other countries if you don't speak their language they expect you to catch up to them they do not wait for you. Why do our kids need to wait?  Give our teachers a realistic budget for their own classrooms. Do not penalize those teachers that offered to go to a Title I school insteead they should be rewarded before new Title I teachers are hired. Let's open up our educational choices to the private sector and make our public schools compete to educate our children. If you are getting bad service from an establishment do you keep going back?  No! You stop going and find an alternative that meets your expectations. Why is our children's education any different?

Click on this link to be shown exactly what the ESA's are all about and where our voice was not heard. Or, you can ask me to speak at your Meetups, your Town Hall's, your clubs, your homes or help with a Rally. I will stand with you and hold a sign and do whatever it takes to make our voices heard. Ask me and I will make every effort to be there and I don't mean sending a representative in my place either. 

We need strong leaders in our legislature. 


November 06, 2018 Election Day

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Have you ever wondered what the protocols are for a serious threat in your child's or grandchildren's school? 

Have you ever asked them what the drills are?  What exactly is a lockdown? With our news exploding about the marches taking place and the media claiming that those young adults are marching for Gun Free Zones, shouldn't we be asking our own children do you feel safe at school?

I started to ask questions of my own kids and grandson. What exactly have they told you to do if there is a lockdown? Do you feel safe? Is there another way the school could make you feel safer? How do you feel about the walk outs for Gun Free Zones? Was it really for all Guns to be taken away?

 If a criminal or someone looking to harm others wants a gun they can easily obtain one. These are not law abiding citizens. Or was it more a walk of solidarity and bringing attention to the fact that a Gun Free Zone is an easy target for those wanting to harm what is most precious to us  our children.

Listen to the link  by Parkland survivor & student Kyle Kashuv,on confronting critics of Guns and Gun Free Zones

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 The federal government played no role in the development of the Common Core. State adoption of the standards is in no way mandatory. States began the work to create clear, consistent standards before the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which provided funding for the Race to the Top grant program. Do you think it is working? Or ,is there something else out there that is better? 

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