this is what i want! how about you?

Education, No on SJR14, Healthcare.........

Since moving down to Southern Nevada from Lake Tahoe in 1993 , 

 I have called Assembly District 21 my home.  I am raising my family here and have been watching as each year promises are made and nothing has changed. I am confident that we can make a difference by working together we can 

  1. Make sure our Schools are no longer below 48 
  2. ESA's are Funded
  3. That School Choice is an option
  4. Teachers are given the classroom back and they have the necessary resources they need to teach  without resorting to putting up a go fund me page.                  
  5. Well Rounded  Education (bring back music, art, dance & P.E)
  6. Let's talk about fair wage,  CEU's, bullies, testing.
  7. Senior Rights, Tougher Laws on those that Abuse & Neglect them.
  8. Taking care of our Veterans & their families, 
  9. Healthcare Let's get this fixed enough is enough.
  10. Better Mental Health Laws
  11. NO on SJR14 leave our property tax cap in place.
  12. Create Sustainable good Jobs
  13. Renewable Energy
  14. Empowering small businesses to grow & prosper
  15. 2nd Amendment Advocate.

My ancestor fought to make sure we could all protect ourselves and our families. I am not giving up my right to protect my family and our home.  

I have lived in Southern Nevada since 1993, raised my oldest daughter here and am continuing to raise my other school age children here.  My roots are firmly planted here in Nevada as is my family. 

My background is very diverse which gives me a broader understanding of how I can help Nevada.  As a mom,  a Former business owner,  Substitute Teacher, Home Schooler, Paralegal , a former 12+yr employee of the Clark County District Attorney's office as a Family Support Case Manager, Victim Witness Clerk, Sexual Assault Clerk,  Community Volunteer,  Cub Scout Leader, supporter of Veterans, Law Enforcement, and First Responder"s,  an advocate for the homeless, and  seniors. 

When I see something is broken I reach out my hand and ask how can I help. In the Primary with very little funds I was able to win by almost 70%. I walked my precincts and tried to meet as many of you as I could while still being a mom, Cubscout Leader and Volunteer.

Just imagine what  I can do once elected to represent you in Carson City. If you believe in my message and what I stand for then please vote in the General Election and cast your vote for Cherlyn Arrington  during early voting October 20 - November 2 2018  or on Tuesday, November 06, 2018. Our votes do matter.

This is no longer about which party you are but who you believe will be the best candidate to represent you in Carson City to be your voice in                    Assembly District 21.

Thank you for getting out and voting this November 

Cherlyn Arrington