Nevada we need to protect our seniors from those that try to take advantage of them, steal from them, are abusive, and con them out of their life savings even if it is a family member.We need to have stricter laws in place when it comes to reviewing the conditions of care facilities, assisted living homes and even some family homes. Nevada needs to have a Supported Decision Making (SDM) law. Where our seniors can make decisions about their lives and the quality of it. Senior lives do matter. They took care of us why are we not protecting them.

This is a friend of mine Ms. Doris, who is a 93 yrs young senior and neighbor who we all help out. Whether it is checking on her to make sure she has eaten, cleaning up her front yard or taking her trash cans out every Wednesday. 

****(Picture used with permission)****


 Have you ever noticed how many military men and women are out there trying to integrate back into civilian life? Where can they find meaningful employment that is comparable to what they did in the military. Most have been in command of hundreds of people handled millions of dollars. The employers here in Nevada should be lining up with Management, High Tech Security positions, & Teaching positions . Let's put them in the classrooms to teach young minds at pay rates that they can take care of their families who have given up so much so we are safe. They have served our country so now let us serve them especially those that have lost so much to ensure our freedom. Give them a path to use their training and knowledge. Give them options don't make them come looking for us. Let's open our arms and hearts to them.


 How many Nevada residents have ever seen a homeless man, woman or teen begging on the corner for change? No it is not a sight we like to see especially when it is a veteran or a teen. Yes most of us give our spare change to them smile and drive away. Why can't we take it one step further and make a permanent shelter for them. Not just one somewhere downtown all over our valley. Give them the skills needed to cope in this world with us. Let's extend a hand to those that lost so much or feel the streets are the only place they belong. Let's start here at home taking care of our own Nevada!